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Updated: Jan 1, 2019

The season is changing and it is getting colder and colder outside. It reminds us of the need of something warm, cozy and comfortable for the coming winter. That is reason why PLEASANT COMFORTNESS comes up with an aim to bring you the feeling of warmth, intimacy and closeness through every piece of cake.

Pleasant Comfortness Collection 2018

Hygge - The inspiration of the collection

Hygge is originally a Danish term to describe "coziness". In Denmark, It is considered part of Danes national identity as well as a ritual that helps them get through long, harsh winters. It literally only requires consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to not just be present – but recognize and enjoy the present.

Inspired by Hygge, we comes up with a new winter menu and name it "PLEASANT COMFORTNESS" with a hope to get you out of boredom and cold in the winter.

Pleasant Comfortness Collection 2018

The collection includes 6 flavours, both the new and the old ones. Each flavour describes a piece of the "big picture", helping to "draw out" the Hygge feeling. They are:

  1. Red Wine the Pear

  2. Elton Mess Berries

  3. Chocolate Truffle Deluxe

  4. Snickers Chocolate

  5. Warm-hearted Apple

  6. Hot Mug

The Elegant "Red Wine the Pear" or The Naughty "Elton Mess Berries"?

Regarding to Red Wine the Pear, the most outstanding feature lies in the taste of the fruit. We use the freshly ripe pears to parboil them in the red wine, with an amount of orange, cinnamon and cloves together until they all penetrate into the pear. When fully cooked, the pear contains the flavour of each ingredient but still retains the crisp inside.

Olive Team hopes that you will feel the sweetness of pear and the aroma of Earl Grey tea mixed with soft cream cheese, along with long lasting warmth of cinnamon. And you would see Red Wine the Pear to be a cake that is a bit cool but still warm, just like the taste of a glass of red wine in the winter wind - crispy, chill but comfortably cozy.

In contrast to the Red Wine the Pear, Elton Mess Berries has soft strawberry vanilla cake with tender sourness and crunchy dried meringue that is melted away in the mouth.

Elton Mess Berries offers a simple and intimate feel like a playful, interesting "girlfriend". Elton Mess Berries is probably the "cotton candy girl" with the lovely appearance that you just enjoy every moment with "her".

Chocolate fever with "Chocolate Truffle Deluxe" and "Snickers Chocolate"

Chocolate is always a charming and familiar choice that anyone cannot resist during the holiday season. At Olive Studio, we use two different kinds of chocolate - 72% & 55%, to create special flavour and scent to Chocolate Truffle Deluxe and Snickers Chocolate.

With a rustic look, it is the taste and quality of the Chocolate Truffle Deluxe that we would like you to remember about it. Chocolate Truffle Deluxe is made with double amount of chocolate compared to regular one and chocolate cream cheese. The highlight lies in chocolate truffles rolled through the premium cocoa powder which are placed on the surface. Chocolate Truffle Deluxe is not too fussy, but it will definitely make you remember it more than any other chocolate cake.

If Chocolate Truffle Deluxe emphasizes on the subtlety and the simplicity, Snickers Chocolate is a combination of chocolate and peanut butter, crunchy roasted nuts and Salted Caramel sauce. If you have never and still cannot resist the attraction of the Snickers, this cake is for you. A little "sweet craving guilty" for the days just want to pamper yourself a lot.

The return of sweeties "Hot Mug" and "Warmhearted Apple"

PLEASANT COMFORTNESS not only introduces you to the new flavors and also the return of the old favorite flavors: Hot Mug and Warm-hearted Apple.

For those who are fans of chocolate, the Hot Mug cake will absolutely be an irreplaceable flavor. You will be immersed in 3 layers of chocolate with chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream mixed with oreos crumbs, soft marshmallow and oreos on a glossy chocolate glaze. Hot Mug gives you a feeling like a cup of hot chocolate in the cold winter wind: sweet and warm.

Warm-hearted Apple is a little bit "picky" because of the flavour of cinnamon. Cinnamon apple cake is served with pieces of sauteéd cinnamon apple that are placed between the layers of cake, together with cinnamon star-shaped cookies with fragrant ginger.

Choose the one that suits you the most and immerse yourself in its flavour, enjoying the winter to come!

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